Welcome to the North Texas Council of Clubs

The mission of the NTXCC is to foster the spirit of inter-organizational fellowship among LGBTQIA+ groups, sub-groups, and the community-at-large who share a common philosophy with each other and this council of clubs.

The NTXCC is dedicated to serving our members by aiding and encouraging club development and interaction as well as participation in social and educational activities.

We hold our business meetings on a quarterly basis. NTXCC meetings are open to anyone who wishes to attend. Only representatives for the member clubs, organizations and businesses can participate in the discussions, unless previous arrangements have been made.

If you wish to bring a matter to the Board and its members, you may request to be placed on an agenda. Please contact the secretary of the club no later than two weeks prior to the scheduled meeting.

The NTXCC will at no time involve itself in the internal affairs of any member organization or commercial / nonprofit entity.